Sunday, April 24, 2011


This blog is purposely built to commemorate the footsteps of my predecessors who have long left us all. I hope that those achievements, in which they had obtained, can motivate us all to achieve something better. What am I doing now is trying to collect so many pieces of memory and cultural roots in my extended family. The idea itself came when I found a stack of my deceased grandfather's old photo album, which contains so many interesting photos that can speak a lot. Many people say that one picture can represent a million meanings that are implied inside it. So did my grandparents at the time of their life, they had been living in many different cultures and customs, but they could still cling to their identity, as they strongly upheld the cultural heritage of their ancestors. Thus, with respect for ancestors, we can understand the origins of our identity and where we came from.

Collecting memories of the past will not be easy because I have to do a continuous research. My grandfather died when I first entered high school, which at that time I did not even think to make a study of their past. The last source I could dig up was my own grandmother, who suffered from stroke for many years (and made her half-paralyzed) but still had a strong memory. Nevertheless, little by little with patience, I try to carve their journey respectively.

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